Children's Dental Care

Dental Care for your Child should start at an early age
  • Looking after and teaching your child to care for their teeth from an early age will help them grow up with strong healthy teeth and gums.
  • Introduce your child to a daily dental care routine, so it will become the normal practice as they get older.
  • Regular visits to see the dentist will help your child get used to the surroundings of the dental surgery and allow the dentist to spot any early signs of tooth decay.
  • Even if your child is recieving orthodonitc treatment, they must still keep up with their routine dental examinations with the dentist
Tooth Decay

Children that are given sugary foods or drinks on a regular basis are more prone to tooth decay. This is because the bacteria that’s in the mouth builds up on the teeth and forms a sticky layer which is called plaque. Some of the sugar in our food and drink is digested by the bacteria, this then makes acids that weaken the enamel on the teeth. If acids remain on the teeth for a long time the teeth will start to decay.

The following points will help you to reduce risk of tooth decay in children:

  • Reduce the amount of sugary food and drink your child has.
  • Finishing a meal with milk or cheese, this will neutralize the acids in your child’s mouth.
  • Sugar free gum is good for older children as it helps to remove bacteria.
  • Ensure they brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste using a gentle circular motion.
  • Supervise tooth brushing when they are learning. Disclosing tablets are a good way to detect if they are missing any areas.
  • Teach your child to spit the toothpaste out rather than rinsing with water. The effect of the fluoride is reduced when they rinse out.
  • Regular visits to the dentist.
Dental Treatment for your Child
  • Dental Treatment is free for your Child until they are 18.
  • Whenever possible we use tooth coloured mercury free fillings.
  • Overcrowded teeth? –  We will refer your child to a Specialist in Orthodontics.
  • We will endeavour to see your child with toothache on the same day.
  • Dedicated after school clinics
  • Tooth Brush and Oral Hygiene instruction given
  • We are closed Saturdays